The best work boots for women in 2018

best work boots

Years ago, work boots were primarily designed for men and tended to be rugged and bulky. But these days more and more manufacturers are realizing that women are buying more work boots. This is a result of increasing numbers of women work in construction and manufacturing, so there is a growing number of workboots and shoes for women. Manufacturers are now coming up with designs for the feminine demographic. So dump those awkward and masculine boots, you have choices now; in the article, I have sampled out the best work boots for women, and here is a list of them.

1. Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot

These boots have a high performance and are designed with dependability and functionality in mind. They provide protection, durability, and comfort. They have a heavy leather and are very waterproof, not even a single spot of leakage. These boots are awesome, they have a steel toe as an added benefit, and are super soft. they make you not even think about your feet.

2. KEEN Utility Women’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

This is a performance driven shoe, it has an innovative shape for toe protection, the toe box has a molded reinforcement to protect against mild impact and abrasion, ensuring that your toes are safe from the unexpected. They feature asymmetrical toe protection, safeguarding from the big toe to the little toe in both right and left foot. Also, it is waterproof keeping your feet dry.

3. Timberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boot

This is an authentic, waterproof leather boot which looks great and of excellent quality. It offers durability, protection, comfort, and style. They require a very little break in time; ankle support is awesome and cushiony; the laces stay tied and secure. They are also waterproof ensuring your feet keeps dry and warm. These shoes are sure of the excellent value.

4. Adtec Women’s 9” Logger Brown Work Boot

These boots are perfect, their quality is excellent and are great looking with beautiful color. They have thick soles which help absorb the heat and vibration of the heavy equipment that is run in the manufacturing and construction sites. They are also heavy duty and fit in great. They are not heavy on foot and are also warm. There is no break in necessary.

5. KEEN Utility Women’s Canby AT Waterproof Industrial and Construction Shoe

These boots are very nice quality. They have comfortable soles making it easier to stand or walk for long periods and the aluminum toe which they have is slightly lighter than those of steel-toed boots. The color combo is also great. Good ankle support. Has a metatomical footbed design which provides excellent arch support.

The above-mentioned boots are of great quality but the best work boot will depend upon your specific employment situation. Steel toe boots provide a high level of protection, while composite toe boots a more suitable in providing protection in lighter construction. For those dealing with electronics and components, the best are static dissipative shoes. Therefore if you are ready to choose the best pair of women’s work boots for your job, I will recommend the above-named brands.